1. All programs must be submitted at least one week prior to airing
  2. All programs will be viewed pre-broadcast to insure content does not conflict with set Federal guidelines for indecency, slander, invasions of privacy and copyright infringements.


To submit a program for consideration to be shown on Ste. Genevieve Community Access Television (SGCATV) and/or ( website please complete this form.






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Ste Genevieve Community Access Television (SGCATV) and/or ( website reserves the right in determining whether or not  contents of the DVD and/or programs are suitable for public viewing.


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The undersigned also understands that Ste. Genevieve Community Access Television (SGCATV) has made available the access service here applied for a public service as required by the Federal Communications Commission Law, for the purpose of implementing a national communications policy to promote public access and participation in the production and presentation of television programming. The undersigned recognizes this access service as a novel, educational and experimental undertaking subject to many uncertainties of application and of federal, state and local regulation. The experience gained by Ste Genevieve Community Access Television (SGCATV) in providing these services, access service and operating rules may change without notice. The undersigned therefore agrees that Ste Genevieve Community Access Television (SGCATV), volunteer members of SGCATV board, its Station Manager, agents, employees, either jointly or severally, in their corporate or personal capacity, undertake no liability for damages, direct consequential or of any other kind of acts or omissions, deliberate or otherwise, taking in connection with the administration of this program. Such acts or omissions include, but are not limited to:


It is further understood, as a part of this waiver of liability, in the event of a claim or legal action of any sort, whether federal, state, local or administrative, made or filed by any person or entity against SGCATV or against any of its agents, employees, representatives or members of the governing board or against any corporation affiliated with SGCATV which claims or action arises out of , or is alleged to have risen out of, or is in any way related to the use of the access channel herein applied for, the undersigned further agrees to reimburse SGCATV for any costs, expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred by SGCATV in defending against said claims or legal actions, and the undersigned agrees to pay any judgments, or compromise payments to avoid such judgment or judgments, which may be entered against or paid by SGCATV. In the event of any such claims or legal action, SGCATV may employ attorneys of its own selection, at the undersigned’s expense, and shall the sole authority for the direction of the defense of such claims as are against it, and shall be the sole judge of the acceptability of settlement of such claims or legal actions. This waiver must be signed by the undersigned and witnessed thereof.


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